Bird watching on Rawcliffe Meadows

A small group from the bird watching group from the Brunswick Organic Nursery Social Club paid Rawcliffe Meadows a visit on Sunday 6th May 2012. Parking the minibus in the Rawcliffe Bar Park & Ride they made their way down on to the cycle track and along to the copse. They listened and watched out for the birds as they slowly walked along the track including black cap, willow warbler and goldfinch but none of the great tits and tree sparrows that normally inhabit the trees and nest boxes. When they reached the main meadow area they diverted east to look across the newly ploughed cornfield, where a large puddle from the recent heavy rain had attracted numerous common and herring gulls. A treecreeper passed us as we moved to walk along the barrier bank top, looking down at the excellent wetland in the reservoir, unfortunately the jack snipe or other wetland species weren’t to be seen that Sunday.

The group walked along the top of the bank to the boundary with Clifton Sports Club, dropping down to look at the pond and a quick peer onto Clifton Ings before turning back north again. Trailing along the cycle track and back to the copse a few more species were spotted including tree sparrow, wood pigeon, chaffinch, long-tailed tit and house martin, whilst the sun carried on shining. Back along through the copse and upto the Park & Ride completed a short morning’s pleasant walk and the chance to identify a few birds, and some flowers as well.

The journey, including a decent picnic break took less than three hours, so if anyone wants a gentle accessible walk to do some nature watching without going outside the York ring road, Rawcliffe Meadows is an obvious choice.


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