Hedgelaying at New Meadow

New Meadow Hedge

New Meadow Hedge – Jan 2013

During From February 9th 2013 onwards it is hoped to start laying the hedge alongside what is known at the New Meadow. This is the Meadow that was recreated from a rather poor field adjacent to the Ings Dyke before the Copse that has been created at the intersection with Blue Beck. Of recent years, as the orginal hedge has turned into trees the New Meadow has become attractive to illegal caming and firelighting, therefore in an attempt to deter this and also improve the hedge’s wildlife value it has been decided to lay much of it, whilst leaving a few trees to grow.

As with all hedgelaying it initially appears quite drastic, but as with any reconstructive surgery, the new growth will soon cover any wounds and it will return to being a hedge, whilst bring light and visibility back to the New Meadow.

This layed hedge is one of many management tasks that the Friends are undertaking to comply with the High Level Stewardship Agreement with Natural England. A Scrub Management Plan has been drafted and areas of scrub and hedge are being cut back in places to bring about a diversity of hights and layers that will support more birds and other wildlife. Additional trees may also be planted to thicken out and provide variety.

The hedgelaying is being carried out by a qualified and experienced contractor but volunteers are always welcome to assist in moving brash and perhaps learning some of the art of hedgelaying. The work is being funded by Yorkshire Water in compensation for the additional work brought about by several major sewage leaks in recent years. The may be some burning of brash but anyone wanting logs for their woodburning stove is welcome to remove them (by agreement with the contractor).


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