New Sewer

As a result of the repeated bursts on the rising main that runs from Clifton Hospital to the Rawcliffe Water Treatment Plant, there is a proposal to replacing the elderly pipe that runs through Rawcliffe Meadows with two newer ones that take a more direct route. This means that there will be investigations, drilling, boring and the running of pipes (hopefully with the minimal of surface disturbance) in the coming months.

If people weren’t aware, during 2012 alone we suffered at least two bursts in the New Meadow, one on the fence line with the Hospital, and another in The Copse (that’s still there). As well as the leaks badly damaging the ecology, the workmen repairing the leaks do additional damage with vehicles and groundwork.

So far so good, Yorkshire Water’s subcontractors (J N Bentley) have been very considerate,


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