New Meadow story – work continues

As a result of a sewage leak in 2012 the New Meadow we had originally recreated in 1994 was badly damaged. We started work later in 2012, with Yorkshire Water’s assistance, to repair the damage but subsequent flooding by the River Ouse in September 2012 destroyed much of our work. As we awaited August 2013 to begin repairs again, the troublesome weeds such as creeping thistle, creeping buttercup and dock have all been sprayed off again, so on Sunday 28th July we cut down the growth with being unable to graze this year and the sprayed-off weeds and raked them off. Thanks go to Judi, Carol, Ron and new volunteer Sue.

We have two bales of hay from Clifton Ings in storage ready for when we have ploughed or rotovated, so that we can spread them to seed the meadow as we did in 2012. We also have numerous pot-grown plants being looked after at Brunswick Organic Nursery ready to be planted in October.

This time, unlike 2012, we hope for better weather when the time comes to spread the hay and roller it in! The next planned work parties are on Sunday, August 11th  from 10.30 to 1 pm and on Thursday August 22nd  from 7 to 9 p.m. People are welcome to join in anytime in that window, or even outside of it…There may be some additional times when particular help is needed in spreading out the baled hay, so we may put up a news flash or group email.

Workers on New Meadow

Workers on New Meadow


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