Friends of Rawcliffe Meadows Tasks for Autumn/Winter 2013

This year we have an especially large number of activities to deal with, so any assistance that can be provided will be really welcome. The list of jobs includes:

  • At the verge near northern cattle grid up from cycle track crossroads we need to cut back overhanging branches and clear verge to plant tansy
  • Plant some tansy in fenced off areas within flood reservoir, especially near banks
  • Plant 30 tansy plants on southern edge of New Meadow
  • Cut back overhanging tree branches on western verge of New Meadow to reduce shading of the tansy
  • Fence off southern boundary of New Meadow to protect tansy plants from grazing (when New Meadow recovers)
  • Fence off dog leg by oak tree at the pinch point on the cycle track and plant tansy in the area
  • Look to clearing scrub & overhanging branches over stile from dog leg to plant tansy
  • Review fencing around pond with view to increasing beetle habitat.
  • Commission Brunswick Organic Nursery to produce further tansy plants for 2014
  • Agree wording and design for two now interpretation boards
  • Continue scrub management plan to meet with Higher Level Stewardship targets
  • Recover working areas affected by replacement sewer
  • Agree methods of recovery for areas damaged by barrier bank repairs

If there are a lot of mentions of tansy it’s due to our existing large population of beetles and the need to add further areas to ensure their survival in the event of anything untoward happening to the core habitats. We have funding for the plants and some of the heavier work, we just need volunteers to get the areas prepared and the plants in.


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