Repairs to Sustrans N65 Cycle Path Through Rawcliffe Meadows, York

Contractors for the Environment Agency (EA) will shortly commence repairs to those sections of the N65 that were damaged during their recent repairs to the barrier bank on Rawcliffe Meadows. Locations are shown on the Clifton Ings cycle path repair map.

They have been made them aware of the sensitive nature of the meadow and they will make every effort to ensure that their work doesn’t cause any more damage to it.

They have been instructed to:

Wherever possible track their machinery/materials/equipment down the route of the original haul road in order to prevent any more meadow land becoming compacted.

To divert the pedestrians and cyclists off the section of cycle track that they are working on, onto the meadow and back on the cycle track.

To lay mats on the meadow area for the duration of the diversion to prevent pedestrians and cyclists from getting muddy if it rains.

The EA don’t expect the work to take longer than a week but it is of course weather dependant. It has already been identified that the work may cause weeds to grow in the disturbed ground at the edges of the cycle track and this will be dealt with next spring.



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