Friends of Rawcliffe Meadows Work Party Sunday Oct 6th 10:30 onward at the New Meadow

The next Friends of Rawcliffe Meadows work party will be on Sunday Oct 6th at the New Meadow. It is expected we’ll be planting the very, many meadow plants that Brunswick Organic Nursery have been nurturing for us to replace the ones lost in last year’s disastrous sewage leak. We’ve prepared and seeded the New Meadow (originally created in 1992) with green hay, but to ensure it makes a full recovery we need to get some sturdy meadowsweet and great burnet plants in place ready for Spring 2014. Our thanks again to Yorkshire Water for funding the lengthy restoration.

There are 330 meadowsweet and 80 great burnet plants plus more than 100 tansy plants (to go on the edges) to get in, so the more volunteers we have the better!

Spades, trowels etc will be useful, and please be prepared for whatever the weather brings.

Plants at Brunswick

Plants at Brunswick


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