Be a hero in 2014 – grow more tansy plants!

Help York’s most endangered citizen – the Tansy Leaf Beetle* – by growing it some plants to live on! A couple of people helped in 2013 and we’ve planted what they grew already.

You can help the Friends of Rawcliffe Meadows plant them in the Spring of 2014 in a suitable location where they will both flourish.

Send us an email and we can supply a packet of seeds to grow at home which will hopefully be viable. The instructions are simple:

1. Sow seed directly onto any general purpose compost in autumn, winter or spring and cover lightly. Keep the pot or tray in a well-lit position, protected from frost, and keep the compost moist.

2. When the plants are 6”/15cm tall give us a call and we’ll arrange a planting session!

Get in touch and we’ll you send the seeds.

*The tansy beetle (Chrysolina graminis) is a green leaf beetle, about the size of a small finger nail with a metallic sheen. The common name derives from the tansy plant on which they often feed as both larvae and adults. In the United Kingdom, its range is currently restricted to about 45 km of the banks of the River Ouse centered on York.
Tansy Beetle

Tansy beetle

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