The Many Ways to Reach Rawcliffe Meadows in York

Whilst we have some directions on the website sidebar, the casual potential visitor may not realise that an assortment of routes, long and short can be taken to reach Rawcliffe Meadows and adjoining areas.

If one points Google Maps to a point roughly central to the area we manage, starting at the north one can see that it is possible to:

  • walk down from the York Outer Ring Road (A1237) along the cycle track (N65)
  • take one of two paths from Rawcliffe Bar Park & Ride (postcode YO30 5XZ) including one straight down from the parking area behind the offices, with another some way into the Country Park, both leading to the N65 with the first joining it a few hundred metres to the north of the Copse, whilst the second comes into the Copse
  • follow the track between the allotments from the layby south of the cottages on the west side of Shipton Road
  • take one of the several desire lines through the former Clifton Hospital grounds that lead via kissing gates or stiles onto Rawcliffe Meadows
  • follow the eastern river path going north along the Ouse from the City centre or various points along the way one reaches Clifton Ings and by following the N65 after crossing the small bridge across the Ings Dyke you reach Rawcliffe Meadows

One can also meander from these routes across Clifton and Rawcliffe Ings and various points to see the River Ouse and to extend the journey.

Please note that at various times of the year some of these routes may not be accessible or less passable due to flooding or standing water. The only way of finding out currently will be to check with the Environment Agency. Many of the tracks may be quite muddy so suitable footwear is advised all year round. Please keep out of any fenced off areas, especially if they ask you to, they are there to protect the sites biodiversity, and agricultural works may be ongoing.

The ways of Rawcliffe Meadows (c) Whitfield Benson 2013

The ways of Rawcliffe Meadows (c) Whitfield Benson 2013




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