Environment Agency repairing track between Shipton Road, York and Rawcliffe Meadows from 8th April 2014 onwards

Mayson Bros Ltd

Mayson Bros Ltd

Repairs are due to be carried out to the allotment track between Shipton Road, York and the hard-standing area beside the cornfield gate on Rawcliffe Meadows. The work will be carried out by one of the Environment Agency (EA)’s Framework Contractors. Agreement has been reached with City of York Council that the footpath does not need to be officially closed so the EA has provisionally arranged for this work to start on Tuesday 8th April 2014.

The contractors will access the track from Shipton Road. They will park their welfare van on the hard-standing and they will store the stone to repair the track on the hard-standing, surrounded by a temporary fence. The work will be of one week’s duration.

For that week it may be best to access the site via one of the many alternative routes.



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