Report on the Work Party at Rawcliffe Meadows Sunday 16th November 2014

As the grey sky cleared and a little sun broke through the Friends gathered on the Meadows to plant tansy by the Blue Beck outlet and cowslips in the Copse Meadow. Thus far this autumn it probably makes 110 tansy planted and 120 cowslips plus the 10 water mint and 10 gipsywort – well done all. Especial thanks to the two Marks who joined us for the first time, Maria for becoming a regular and Carol for the coffee (plus some planting). We also had enough time to do a bit of weeding to the south New Meadow hedge that we planted 12 months ago. Mick and Judi were much relieved by the recent influx of new and younger blood and wish Ron a ‘get well soon’.

Next work party and the last for 2014 will be on 7th December from 10:30 meeting at the Cornfield Reserve gate (just by the hard standing) to week and interplant the hedge between the Cornfield and the Country Park, along with interplanting on New Meadow and Copse Meadow if we have sufficient time and people, and are blessed with appropriate weather.

Work Party 16/11/2014

Work Party 16/11/2014


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