Rawcliffe Meadows Work Party Dates January – April 2015

Month Sunday Task/Location
All from 10:30 – 13:00


January 2015 25th Cut  50% of Common Reed (Phragmites) from fenced-off large scrape in Reservoir Basin. Tie in bundles and use as invertebrate habitat hedge
February 2015 15th Further coppicing and branch removal on Pond trees
March 2015 22nd Clearing dead tansy from mounds at Pond and pushing brash back at Cricket Field Copse
April 2015 12th To be decided 
In addition Any remaining hedge interplanting
In addition Willow tit boxes in Blue Beck Copse
In addition Transfer stock dove boxes higher up and more secluded – by Copse Meadow
In addition (possibly) Pull reedmace (Typha) from scrape in Reservoir Basin
In addition Build Bee-bank in eastern Cornfield
In addition Build “Stumpery” in Copse
In addition Clean and secure nest boxes in Copse
In addition Put down concrete slabs and erect tool store in allotments car park

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Researcher and practioner in matters relating to egovernment, government ICT and their approach to the citizen.
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