Report on the Rawcliffe Meadows Work Party of 22 March 2015

As  a grey sky dissipated into a relatively warm sunny day the eight Friends who’d been available (Mick, Judi, Paul, Alan, Carol, Maria, Ron and Richard) started off by removing the wire and posts separating the southern and eastern banks of the New Meadow where tansy planting is being focused. Whilst the fence was being sorted some Friends started planting the large pots of tansy and slowly extended the line round to the south where it joined existing plants.

After the twenty big pots of tansy, twenty blackthorn were interplanted in the Blue Beck Copse boundary along with three bullace of local provenance. Some additional work will be required before it is grazed in September to fence the hedge to keep the cattle away from the whips and the Copse.

No Tansy Bettles were sighted there or when we later checked around the Pond.

FoRM Work Party 22032015

FoRM Work Party 22032015




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