Restoring and re-creating species-rich grassland Wednesday 27th May 2015

Ragged robin on Rawcliffe Meadows June 2013

Ragged robin on Rawcliffe Meadows June 2013

***** NOTE: Due to popularity we have split this into TWO workshops, the first at 12 noon, the second at 2:30 pm. Both are now full! If you’d like to go on a waiting list for another at an unspecified date/time, please use the form below. *****

Wildflower-rich meadows are one of Britain’s most threatened habitats. So can we create new ones or restore those which have lost wildlife value? Lots of people have tried – and unfortunately many have failed!

Since 1990, Friends of Rawcliffe Meadows have used a range of techniques to restore and re-create species-rich grassland on the floodplain of the River Ouse. These include:

  • Restoring species-poor, over-grazed pasture to SSSI quality hay meadow
  • Creating new meadows using hay bales and hand-collected seed
  • Using wildflower seed mixtures
  • Planting local provenance wildflower plugs and plants
  • Enhancing nectar and pollen sources in wet grassland

This event provides an opportunity to see how these approaches have fared over the past 25 years, and perhaps take away some ideas for your own project. It’s open to anyone interested in grassland conservation and free to attend – though if you’re attending on behalf of an organisation, a small contribution would be appreciated. Please book using the form below as for comfort we may need to limit to around 15 attendees.

Wednesday 27th May 2015 at either 12 noon or 2:30 pm

Meet at the northern entrance to Rawcliffe Meadows (national grid reference SE 578 540). General directions can be seen here.

Rawcliffe Meadows 2013 (c) Whitfield Benson

Rawcliffe Meadows 2013 (c) Whitfield Benson

Restoring and recreating grassland 27 May 2015 V 2



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