Work Party Report 21 May 2015 – Tending the Tansy

Thanks to Masha, Ron, Judi, Helen and Tessa for spending a pleasant evening controlling the plants surrounding the new and old plots of tansy to the north of the site. The well established plants  to the west of New Meadow were covered in Tansy Beetles and were less of a concern but the ones to the south need some TLC to prevent the cleavers, hogweed and cow parsley swamping them, undoing all the work planting them.

Helen found beetles on the plants to the south of New Meadow, which have only been planted within the last twelve months. Whilst the most recent ones by the cattle grid further north were doing well but needed to be cleared of the hogweed that was encroaching.

The plants we had put in by Blue Beck had already started to be swamped but some were rediscovered and cut around. There’s obviously a need for further management and planting them to rebuild the once thriving Tansy Beetle colony.

Tending the Tansy 21 May 2015

Tending the Tansy 21 May 2015


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