Friends of Rawcliffe Meadows Events in June 2015 (REVISED)

Sorry – due to unforeseen circumstances a couple of changes for this month

If anyone fancies spending time collecting seed during June, July or August to help reseed Cornfield Grassland please let Judi or I know? Need Ribwort Plantain, Meadow Vetchling, Tufted Vetch and Oxeye Daisy. Great Burnet for collection in late July August.

Sunday 7th June 2 p.m. – The Tansy Beetle: putting research into practice: conserving the Jewel of York with Dr Geoff Oxford, University of York – Tansy Beetle specialist – meet at end of Allotments track

Sunday 14th June 2 p.m. – A mini-beast tour: explaining how invertebrate surveys inform site management (ponds, grassland, dead wood etc) with Martin Hammond, ecologist – meet at end of Allotments track

Tuesday 16th June 6:30 p.m.- A Walk Looking at the Landscape History of Clifton Ings and Rawcliffe Meadows (limited to 15, booking form on website) – meet at end of Allotments track

Thursday 18th June from 6:30 onwards meeting at the Cornfield at north of the site at the end of the Allotments track – to pull as much horsetail as possible from the seeded area of Cornfield Grassland. It can be bagged and removed, or dumped in biodegradable bags in the messy area at the northern end of the plot, adjoining the Copse.

Sunday 28th June we’ll be at the Pondweeding around the tansy plants to reduce competing vegetation while letting the Tansy Beetles feed on adjacent non-tansy plants, and leaving us a path to manage, count and admire them. There’ll be a strimmer in action, rakes and some fine hand weeding jobs to do. There are so many beetles around we’ll have to tread and cut very carefully!

Sunday June 21st POSTPONED until 28th June

Volunteers are welcome for all or part of that period. Wellies and gloves may advisable, at least as protection from the nettles.

In addition we’ll be hosting visits from Brownies, Beaver Scouts and (hopefully) York Cares.

FoRM Activities June 2015 onwards revised 1 June (pdf)

News: Nick Westerman found and Martin Hammond identified & photographed 50 stands of Northern March Orchid.

Orchids 30 May 2015 M Hammond

Orchids 30 May 2015 M Hammond


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