Report on Friends of Rawcliffe Meadows Work Party 28th June 2015

The rain was soon replaced by the sun as three of us (Masha, Mark and Mick) cleared around the tansy plants to the east  and south of the Pond, and Carole brought coffee at midday to ensure we had a break.  The plants at the south had been provided by Geoff and Roma Oxford earlier in the year as they cleared their allotment and were substantially bigger than the ones to the east that had been the most recently planted, and paid for by the Environment Agency from last year’s seed grown on at Brunswick Organic Nursery.

The good news was that Tansy Beetles were found on the plants to the south, meaning that a few had made the journey from the plants on the mounds. the ones to the east probably still too small to be recognized as a habitat by the beetles. Numerous larvae could be seen on the established tansy plants on the Pond mounds.

TB (1024x769)

Cleavers and Himalayan balsam were reducing the growth of the plants at the south, and pulling this out was necessary to ensure their survival.



Canes marked with paint were also placed by the plants to try to ensure that they were not cut down, trampled or otherwise destroyed.




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