Report on the Emergency Work Party 9 July 2015

Due to the fairly constant rain since the hay was cut and turned it was decided that a work party was necessary to act on the Cornfield grassland. The plan had been to transfer a couple of bales of hay from the Copse Meadow and spread them on the grassland, but with no bales being ready Martin and Don raked they hay and transferred it by trailer to the central area of the grassland, having first cut areas of the grassland that needed reseeding. The work party then thinly spread the hay on the pre-prepared areas.

Whilst we were on, our farmer and his son were driving around in tractors turning the remaining hay in an attempt to dry it and then get it baled before the next downpour.

Thanks to the seven who helped at short notice – Helen, Judi and her sister Sandy, Mark, Neil, Tess and Mick, it was done in an hour and we were then able to make a start clearing around the tansy at that northern end. Mick also cleared either side of the cycle track going north from the Copse – not technically our land – but it made it easier for cyclists.

The next work party is still on the 16 July but will be focusing on clearing around the banks of the New Meadow to remove competing vegetation and knock back further the cow parsley and hogweed encroaching from the Ings Dyke.

Cornfield grassland

Cornfield grassland

Copse Meadow with hay cut

Copse Meadow with hay cut


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