Report on the Thursday Work Party 16th July at New Meadow

Despite the numbers, there only being Judi, Helen, Mick and Martin, we managed to trim around the now large clumps of tansy, as well as knocking back the hogweed, Himalayan balsam and other competing vegetation. There were not many Tansy Beetle larvae about but the vegetation control has given space for some other plants like the giant bellflower to appear. Unfortunately not all the cuttings (by the scrub cutter) were able to be raked off and may have to rot in situ.

Giant bellflower

Giant bellflower

The next work party is on Sunday 26th July from 10:30 performing a similar task at the Pond. Buglife are holding a training day on the 1st August for Tansy Beetle Champions and may be able to give us a little hand with clearing around plants, too.


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