Report on the Rawcliffe Meadows Work Party 13th August 2015

Despite the weather forecast five of us (Alan, Judi, Pete, Mick and Ron) managed to gather on the western and southern banks of the New Meadow to carry on cutting the vegetation encroaching on the ever expanding clumps of tansy. Mick had started cutting with the machine in advance whilst people raked up and disposed of the arisings. As well as reducing the pressure on the tansy by vegeation such as cleavers and hogweed taking their light and space, this process will also slowly improve the general nature of the vegetation making it more herb-rich than the shady nettle and hogweed patch that it had historically been.

 Work Party 130815

Work Party 130815

A few of this years Tansy Beetles were visible.

Tansy Beetle 130815

Tansy Beetle 130815

On Sunday 30th August we’ll be deep in the Reservoir Basin (north of the site, south of the allotments track – Centre of the Flood Reservoir on this map) – Following Martin’s survey of the ponds on the site, of which a summary is available here, we have a couple of existing stagnant ponds of little wildlife value to clear out. If anyone would like a copy of the full 32 page PDF of the report please email us? Volunteers are welcome for all or part of that period. Wellies and gloves are advisable, as it may be pretty boggy! If anyone can bring a spade with them that would also help.

Month Sat Sun Tues Thurs Task
  30 Clear two ‘stagnant’ ponds in Reservoir Basin
September 2015 5 Small mammal trapping event with Yorkshire Mammal Group
  27 Plant Ragged Robin in Reservoir Basin and tansy in New Meadow
October 2015 1 Probus talk 9:45
  25 Clear two ‘stagnant’ ponds in Reservoir Basin (continued). Tansy planting as a less muddy option.
November 2015 8 Clear Ings Dyke bank side (over stile) by the Friends
December 2015 6 Plant hazel saplings in Cricket Field Copse
January 2016 3 Silver anniversary work party




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