Report on the Rawcliffe Meadows Work Party 8th November 2015

Despite a heavy downpour at 10:00 am by 10:30 it had stopped and although a little squelchy underfoot the three of us (Judi, Masha and Mick) managed to plant over 200 tansy plants, finishing off just after 1 pm. the plants have been interspersed between the existing clumps on the New Meadow bank that is fenced off to keep the cattle out, apart from a final late graze when the Tansy Beetles are hopefully hibernating underground. This doesn’t mean it’s all left unmanaged, as we will still have to weed around the increasing number of clumps to reduce competing vegetation that might threaten the well-being of the tansy plants, and hence the Tansy Beetle.

Work Party 08 Nov 2015

Work Party 08 Nov 2015

The morning wasn’t all spadework as a heron flew over and headed directly to the extended Water Vole scrape in the Reservoir Basin. An (unidentified) flock of small birds did a couple of circuits around New Meadow before landing in one of the boundary trees.

The next work party is planned for the 6th December and is around planting some hazel saplings in the Cricket Field Copse at the south of the site (over the Barrier Bank from the Pond). Before planting them we’ll need to cut back the numerous elder that have self seeded there, along with any nettles and brambles in the way. If anyone would like to help but can’t bend so well – there are ways to get around this or tasks that can be done in an upright position.

Flock of birds

Flock of birds

Heron at Water Vole Scrape 8 Nov 2015

Heron at Water Vole Scrape 8 Nov 2015



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