Report on the Rawcliffe Meadows Work Party 6th December 2015

Rather like the previous work party the rain chucked it down for a short period prior to 10:30. Fortunately it didn’t deter many people as we had an excellent ten helpers, including Barry and Louise who joined us for the first time. So with Carol, Pete (and grandson Jason), Judi, Masha, Neil, Ron and Mick we were on to do a good job.

The first job was to cut off the Elder saplings that had shot up since last year, along with clearing a lot of the woody debris to the sides and back to dead hedge the copse. This created a nice sunny space to plant twelve hazel saplings, and then more brash from the coppicing was moved further back making a Robin very happy as food was revealed underneath.

Cricket Field Copse after the work by Masha

Cricket Field Copse after the work by Masha

Work party 06122015

Work party 06122015



The flooding over the Barrier Bank didn’t really affect us but provided a water to source to water the saplings in. The water has actually risen another six inches or so and was at the bottom of the interpretation board.

Flood by Masha

Flood by Masha

The next work parties are hopefully as follows, any help gratefully appreciated!

Month Sun Thurs Task
Jan 2016 3rd SILVER ANNIVERSARY WORK PARTY – planting gap in Country Park hedge
  31st Reservoir  Basin bank bramble & blackthorn clearance
Feb 2016 28th Water Vole scrape Phragmites cutting
Mar 2016 13th Tansy planting
April 2016 10th Flood debris
May 2016 ?
June 2016 ?

Sunday work parties from 10:30 am until about 13:00pm.

In May we’ll move to Thursday evenings meeting at 18:30 onwards.


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