Flood Debris Clearance at Rawcliffe Meadows Saturday 16th January 2016

Given the heavy flooding, much debris has been deposited from one end of the site to the other. Amongst the large logs there is also plastic, glass and metal and the surge even managed to take out the gate that kept the cattle from the tansy plant enclosure by the New Meadow.

Debris 15 January 2016

Debris 15 January 2016

However, as a result of a Tweet showing the debris, officers at City of York Council became aware of the task and having had an offer of assistance from the Indian Muslim Federation of East London to help with the York clear up allowed some of them assist us.

Along with some members of the Friends rubbish was picked up along the way down to the dogleg over the Barrier Bank from the Alliance Cricket Club where the worst deposits had been made. Logs were put in piles and all the large logs were rolled down the embankment to the boundary hedge. Litter was picked up and taken away. Fiona Quick helped and took some photographs (below).

1935486_10153854568006944_7126036220079012082_n 12439160_10153854567501944_1368416141197723419_n 12510407_10153854495451944_7805642696259048748_n

We are grateful to all who turned out that morning but especially to the Indian Muslim Federation who had travelled all the way from East London to help the citizens of York.

It is hoped that sometime we can gather the logs together at the north of the site to host invertebrates and rake up the lighter brash to mulch around our trees.


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