Yorkshire Wildlife Trust Volunteers and Buglife Tansy Beetle Champions Help at Rawcliffe Meadows 15th April 2016

To assist is maintaining numbers of the Tansy Beetle on Rawcliffe Meadows, along with other improvements, the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust (YWT) through the BiffaAward scheme has been funding some developments on Rawcliffe Meadows during 2015/2016 under the   Re-flowering the floodplains: River Ouse, York  banner.

The latest one was for volunteers from the YWT to plant some of the £1000 worth of tansy plants the BiffaAward has secured, that were grown from local seed by Brunswick Organic Nursery. The planting of over 250 tansy plants was done by the YWT volunteers along with Tansy Beetle Champions  from the Buglife project along the Ings Dyke.

The volunteers also got a chance to see the existing population of Tansy Beetles in the nearby Pond compound. Our thanks go to the BiffAward, YWT, Buglife and the volunteers.

P1070210 (1024x768) P1070211 (768x1024) P1070213 (1024x768)


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