The Mammals of Rawcliffe Meadows

In 2015 the Yorkshire Mammal Group offered to help us to identify which mammals were present in the Reservoir Basin at Rawcliffe Meadows, this was particularly due to the suspected reappearance of water voles, that had been lost due to dredging work in 2003.

One of the events recorded here was the public mammal trapping exercise carried out in September 2015.

Ann Hanson of the Yorkshire Mammal Group has kindly provided us with a report including further actions to help the populations. They also plan further work to see how the population of water voles has been affected by the winter flooding of 2015 – 2016.

The report can be downloaded here Rawcliffe Meadows small mammal water vole surveys 2015

Wood mouse being released 5 Sept 2015

Wood mouse being released 5 Sept 2015


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