Visit by Rachael Maskell MP to Rawcliffe Meadows

Having accepted a nomination by Buglife to be a Tansy Beetle ‘ambassador’ and showing great support, we invited Rachael Maskell MP to see the Tansy Beetle in the ‘flesh’ at Rawcliffe Meadows on May 6th along with Vicky Kindemba, the Buglife Manager and Chair of the Tansy Beetle Action Group, and Julia Smith, the Tansy Beetle Conservation Officer for Buglife. Judi, Mick and Jane were there from the Friends.

Rachael showed great interest in the beetles which were fortunately displaying in great numbers on the mounds by the Pond. She held one, photographed one and was told about the conservation work going on in the area. She was presented with a Tansy Beetle badge, a tansy plant, and a copy of The Ouse Ings book published by the Friends of Rawcliffe Meadows.

Thanks to Vicky for taking the photo below on Rachael’s tablet! Rachael is holding a Tansy Beetle.

Also covered by York Press.



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