Orchids Bloom on Rawcliffe Meadows

For a few years now we’ve had a population of Common Spotted Orchids and Northern Marsh Orchids in one particular location that doesn’t see a lot of footfall.

Common Spotted Orchids (768x1024)

Northern Marsh Orchid (768x1024)

This year we’ve found a couple of Bee Orchids, along with a Northern Marsh Orchid in the Copse Meadow. We hope they can set seed before any cutting.

Bee orchd 5 (1024x768) Bee orchid 1 (768x1024) Bee orchid 2 (1024x768) Bee orchid 3 (768x1024) Bee orchid 4 (1024x768)

Northern Marsh Orchid (768x1024)


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