Report of Rawcliffe Meadows Work Party 26th June 2016

Work party 260616 (1024x768)

A lovely sunny day with four of the Friends started by collecting seed, particularly yellow rattle and red clover, which will be used in the autumn to help in the process of creating the Cornfield Grassland. We then spent an hour pulling curled dock, a harmful species that has become widespread on the Meadows and the Ings following the lengthy inundation over winter. Thanks to Julie, Mark and Pete for the help. We also went for a look at the bee bank, Cornfield arable and the Cornfield flower strip afterwards (not forgetting the bee orchids).

Over recent weeks the Friends have spent a lot of money paying for contractors to spray the docks and more recently for Humber TCV to pull them. Individuals have also spent time pulling them. Following today’s efforts a builder’s bag and a half  went for disposal.

There were lots of bees buzzing about feeding on the yellow rattle and clover that was still in flower.

Bee (768x1024)

Work party list for July and August below-

Month Sun Thurs Task
July 2016     Sat 2nd July – National Meadows Day
  10th   Clearing around tansy plants by Pond
    28th Clearing around tansy plants by New Meadow
August 2016   11th Clearing around tansy plants by Pond
    25th Clearing around tansy plants by New Meadow
September 2016 x    
October 2016 x    
      Erect remaining Barn Owl box
      Erect Tree Sparrow boxes in RB

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