Report on the Friend of Rawcliffe Meadows Work Party 11th August 2016

Luckily for us the rain had stopped by the time we gathered to manage the tansy plants near the Pond. The consistent management over a number of years around the plants can be seen to have had an effect although bindweed and vetch still threaten to drag down the plants and their Tansy Beetle inhabitants of which there were very many.

P1080179 (1024x768)

There are two main patches by the Pond on mounds to the west of it. Attempts to grow plants to the south and east are currently unsuccessful. Plants that were established in April at a fenced off section by the Ings Dyke nearby were also checked and were slowly being eaten by a small population of Tansy Beetles. A Tansy Beetle with a bluish hue was also observed.

P1080180 (1024x768)

Many thanks again to Pete, Mark, Masha, Sarah and Judi for their help with the shears. A similar work party looking after plants at the north of the site, starting at New Meadow is on Thursday 25th August at 6:30.

Deep in the tansy jungle 1

Deep in the tansy jungle 1

Deep in the tansy jungle 2

Deep in the tansy jungle 2


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