Report on the Friends of Rawcliffe Meadows Work Party 8th January 2017

Despite a number of them having been working on Strensall Common the day before clearing Birch saplings from the butterfly habitat, we were pleased to welcome a rtotal of eleven volunteers – Lauren and John, Pete and Jason, Mark and Julie, Laura, Judi, Mark T and Mark A, along with Mick – a case of four Marks out of eleven being a brilliant score!

The plan was to work along the northern bank of the Reservoir Basin cutting back the blackthorn and brambles encroaching onto it and threatening the south-facing area that has an increasing population of Common Spotted Orchids and Northern Marsh Orchids.


The idea was to give a wavy outline to the brambles and blackthorn, leaving a bank of flailed stems to provide habitat for Aculeates at the same time as providing light and room for the orchids, both of which the eleven volunteers succeeded in doing admirably.


Thanks to all for coming along (especially those who had been out on Saturday working).

The next session is at the Pond on Sunday February 19th where we hope (flood willing) to be coppicing the hazels and willow.


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