The Grand Rawcliffe Bee Bank Hotel

Back in 2015 the first steps began in constructing a ‘bee bank’ on Rawcliffe Meadows arable field, this was massively extended in 2016 thanks to Buglife’s Urban Buzz project as reported here and here. With one of the work parties at the end of 2016 having produced some nice sycamore logs it was decided to add another wing to the ‘bee bank’ creating a real pollinator hotel.


For the work party of 26th February the group of Mark T, Pete and Jason, Judi and Mick gathered at the ‘bee bank’ with the logs. Some turf was lifted to the left of the existing bank and the logs put into position. Additional soil was added to pack out the pile and the turf replaced. At the same time some more pollinator plants were added around the bank, and the pond liner at the base was stabilized with some stones. An electric drill with a range of bit sizes was employed to add some holes to the logs, making it easy for new residents to move into their rooms.

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