Friends of Rawcliffe Meadows Work Party 19th March 2017 from 10:30

Still keeping to the higher and drier ground we’ll be in the Cornfield again, weeding the shrubs in the hedge line with the Country Park, along with planting more hazel, holly and hawthorn. So meet at the Cornfield gate at the north of the site by the Allotment path.

There’ll be chocolate courtesy of Leilah Vyner of Dragon Willow – – who collected some of the willow we coppiced around the Pond. So be there and ruin your Sunday lunch!

It’s March so in a few weeks we can expect the Tansy Beetles back with us again. I did check the Pond area today and nothing yet…

The other planned dates are as follows:

Month Sun Thurs Task
March 2017 19 Check saplings in Cornfield/Country Park hedge and weed around and interplant with more hazel
April 2017 9 Flood debris/brash clearance
May 2017 7 ?
In addition:
Erect remaining Barn Owl box + relocate Stock Dove box
Clear flood debris as required
Erect Tree Sparrow boxes in RB













Sunday work parties from 10:30 am until about 13:00pm.


In May we’ll move to Thursday evenings meeting at 18:30 onwards.


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