Reports on Ings History Walk 20th June and Rawcliffe Meadows Work Party 22nd June 2017

Fifteen people appeared magically for the walk around Clifton Ings and Rawcliffe Meadows led by Martin Hammond on the evening of 20th June. Luckily a combination of dry weather and not excessive heat made for a comfortable time.

The group first crossed from Rawcliffe Meadows onto Rawcliffe Ings, then onto Clifton Ings taking the path along the flood bank until they took the desire line back across to the Ings Dyke to cross back on Rawcliffe Meadows and the cycle track.

The group were told about the role of the Ings in history, along with various amusing anecdotes. They were also introduced to their botany and importance as some of the few remaining examples of flood meadows in the UK.

In passing, the small group of bee orchids at the north of the site had just about survived whilst not expanded.

On Thursday 22nd Pete, Mark A, Judi and Mick were back tackling the vegetation around the Pond competing with the tansy plants.

The tansy plants on the northern mound had been aggressively chewed to pieces by the Tansy Beetles and their larvae whilst plants on the southern mound remained fairly healthy but still had many beetles. The team also trimmed around plants nearby at the Ings Dyke and Cricket Field Copse – the plants by the dyke being also well eaten and still having Tansy Beetles including one self-sown plant that had beetles and larvae.

There was also plenty of knapweed and great burnet in flower.



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