Friends of Rawcliffe Meadows Christmas Quiz 2017

  1. What year (and for bonus point, month) was Rawcliffe Meadows, along with Clifton Ings designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)?
  2. What year (and for a bonus point, month) did work really start on Rawcliffe Meadows?
  3. Where was the launch meeting of the Friends of Rawcliffe Meadows held?
  4. Rawcliffe Meadows is designated a SSSI for a particular beetle, the Tansy Beetle, what other threatened beetle species is also found there?
  5. Along with the Tansy Beetle the Meadows are designated as SSSI for a grassland type it has known as MG4. What do the M and G stand for?
  6. Since 1991 the main source of funding for Rawcliffe Meadows has been what?
  7. What year what the Cornfield Nature Reserve created?
  8. We used to hold meetings at the Dormouse pub, along with getting press coverage at the launch, what year was that?
  9. Who owns Rawcliffe Meadows?
  10. Why was Rawcliffe Meadows created?
  11. What was Rawcliffe Meadows called before York Natural Environment Trust (YNET) took it over?
  12. What area is Rawcliffe Meadows, without Cornfield and Copse Meadow? (Hectares or acres)?

All the answers should be available on the web site but sometimes in PDF documents like the Annual Reports!


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