Report on the Rawcliffe Meadows Work Party 7th January 2018

The conservation gods had the sun shining on us and the water levels not reaching our base for an amazing Sunday work party. Don had brought loads of tools and a wealth of experience to help us lay the eastern hedge of the Blue Beck Copse that we had planted in the mid-1990’s along with Blue Beck Copse. The Copse has been coppiced regularly and looks well, along with being excellent bird habitat. The plants that composed the hedge were turning into trees and with the decaying fence stock and humans were starting to get into the area, which we don’t really want. So we had arranged with Don to lead a session in laying the hedge

Don gave a brief introduction to the methods and tools to be employed along with some health and safety advice given the sharp tools being employed and people set to work.

Despite an excellent attendance, there being Ruben & Claudia, Matt and Gabbie, Mark and Julie, Pete and Jason, Ron, Judi, Mark A, Mark T and Mick, as well as Don, we didn’t quite  finish off the biding of the hedge, along with cutting off the suckers at the front so this will now be done on February 18th, along with ensuring it is stock-proof all the way along.

A big thanks to our enthusiastic volunteers and Don for teaching and supervising everyone. There are more photo’s that the volunteers have posted on FaceBook –


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