Friends of Rawcliffe Meadows Activities First Half 2018

After some to-ing and fro-ing, and changes and thinking I believe we have a list of dates and activities for the work parties on Rawcliffe Meadows from Jan 2018 (just for retrospective reference) to July 2018.

There may be some tweaking of the list as we are hoping to have a walk about and think in late March to see if the priorities alter as things grow.

I spoke with the Environment Agency on the 11th January and they currently believe their flood defence works will start in April 2019, although they can’t confirm what the options, hopefully for consultation, are. We are pressing them for a meeting as soon as possible because this obviously affects our plans and funding, but they were talking late March! Our belief is that their approach, as is enshrined in legislation, should be to:

1) consult on the Scoping Opinion for the Environmental Assessment, so that interested parties can agree on what information needs to be gathered

2) carry out data search and conduct the surveys identified as necessary at stage (1)

3) review the data and design the development based on the findings of (2)

4) proceed to planning application and publish Environmental Statement based on (3)

But they are running 18 projects relating to York flooding and they impact on each other too!

Month Sun Thurs Task
Jan 2018 7 Lay Blue Beck Copse. May run on after 1 pm.
Feb 2018 18
  1. Finish laying Blue Beck Copse hedge and cut back outside suckers. Fence to be repaired.
  2. Cut back blackthorn in Reservoir Basin (northern and eastern banks) to create more space and light for expansion of orchids
  25 Coppice willow and hazel near Pond at south of site
Mar 2018 18 Interplant Blue Beck Copse northern hedge with hazel and plant more hazel in Copse
  25 Flood debris clearance
April 2018 15 Attend to saplings in Cricket Field Copse and tidy any brash. Repair fence and stile.
May 2018 17 Bee bank management
June 2018 7 Clearing around tansy plants – Pond and nearby
  18th – 24th June National Insect Week
  24 Clearing around tansy plants – New Meadow and nearby
July 2018 Sat 7th July – National Meadows Day
  5 Clearing around tansy plants – Pond and nearby
  22 Clearing around tansy plants – New Meadow and nearby

Hoping for lots of help on February 18th as we need to complete two tasks before birds start nesting.

Apologise for any clashes with RSPB outings but we’re both obviously trying to avoid other events.

May be some variation in tasks due to water levels. Sunday work parties from 10:30 am until about 13:00pm. Thursday from 6:30 pm until dark

Volunteers are always welcome anytime to keep site safe, clean and secure.



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