Report on Rawcliffe Meadows Work Party 25th February 2018

Thanks to Pete and Jason, Judi, Mark A, Ruben and new volunteer Tess for coppicing the willow and hazel surrounding the Pond. Whilst we planted around the Pond in the early 1990’s with good reason to provide screening, the fact that since then it has become excellent Tansy Beetle habitat has meant that we now need to reduce shade on the mounds where they mainly live.

So, on another fine if cold day, the willow and some hazel were cut back to stools and the brash relocated ready for the Tansy Beetles to arise from their winter slumbers in the coming month or two.

Meanwhile, having been unable to come on Sunday, Richard and Matthew have been coming midweek, braving the snow, to attend to the remaining brash in Blue Beck Copse and coppice more of the hazel there, jobs left over from the two prior work parties as described here and here , without their sterling efforts we would have been pushed to get more done in the Copse before the bird nesting season. Notice the beautifully layed (Midlands-style) hedge in the background of the first photo!

There is now much more light entering Blue Beck Copse and on Sunday 18th March we’ll add some more hazel saplings (purchased from Mires Beck Nursery ) into the northern hedge and within the Copse itself.


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