Update #1 on Environment Agency Clifton Ings Flood Alleviation Scheme 30th Nov 2018

The Environment Agency are progressing with a planning submission which they hope to submit in December 2018 with a hope of starting on site in June/July 2019.

Phasing of construction:


  • Site access and access road to be created from Shipton Road onto a compound area to be built on Cornfield Grassland/Arable
  • North extension through Rawcliffe Bar Country Park
  • Pumping Station on the embankment at Blue Beck
  • South extension in Homestead Park
  • Raising embankment in Homestead Park and private house adjacent Clifton Sports Club.


  • Embankment raising from Blue Beck through to Clifton Sports Club

In terms of closing areas this means we could leave Rawcliife Meadows open during 2019 albeit with a fenced area around the pumping station site.

We may install the temporary  Sustrans diversion in 2019 too in readiness for a restart in the 2020 earthworks season.

During 2020 we would close access to Rawcliffe Meadows for the general public.

The above is all obviously subject to planning consent, weather and any other unforeseen events…


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