Report on Rawcliffe Meadows Work Party 13th January 2019

As the first session of 2019 sheltered from the wind in the Reservoir Basin doing our annual management of Blackthorn and Bramble suckers breaking out into the grass area to the north of the area. This area for many years has been host to increasing numbers of Early Purple and Northern Marsh Orchids (these can be seen in our Facebook gallery of wild flowers)  and we are keen to see it stay that way. So, with Judi, Mark, Julie and Mark, Mick and newcomer Fiona we set out to cut off the suckers, knock back any shading branches and relocate the brash. When that was done we then attacked the similar incursion on the eastern bank.

No wildlife to report apart from a very large flock of Linnets flitting about the Cornfield arable whilst we gathered and during the coffee break.

As usual our thanks to the volunteers. In addition thanks to Richard and Matthew who unable to attend in the morning appeared as we left to start coppicing in Blue Beck Copse, a task they had started last year but were keen to continue.

Next work party is Sunday 17th February in the Cricket Field Copse (at the south of the site, over Barrier Bank from the Pond) to manage inside and outside of that.


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