Report on Rawcliffe Meadows Work Party 17th February 2019

A lovely day to work on the Ings apart from being damp in the Pond area where for the last few years (broken field drains?) it has started over-topping towards the Ings Dyke when full. However, we first started in the Cricket Field Copse where we are intent on keeping  elder saplings down to allow Hazel saplings to flourish. We also secured the fence and tidied up the woodland brash.

After the Copse we headed over the Barrier Bank to the Pond compound where the recent flooding of the Ings had left a thick layer of oak leaves and grass cuttings on the southernmost mound preventing light reaching it and warming the tiny tansy plants ready for Tansy Beetle Time. This brash was raked off and a start made on coppicing the the trees and shrubs that surround the Pond. The coppicing will be continued on Sunday 24th February along with further cutting back the banks if the water has subsided further.

Thanks to Fiona, Masha, Pete and Ruben for a great few hours work.



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