Report on Rawcliffe Meadows Work Party 24th February 2019

Tansy plants poking through on northern mound by the Pond

Tansy plants poking through on northern mound by the Pond

On another splendid morning the volunteers (Judi, Julie & Mark, Pete and Jason and Mick) set ou to coppice willow around the Pond compound at the south of the site, hopefully much of which will be used by a local basket weaver. We also took a scrub cutter to the edge of the Pond to ensure the path around it was not lost along with heavily cutting back the scrub at the south of the compound.

We looked carefully at the newly emerging tansy plants but failed to find any Tansy Beetles. However, a solitary Dock Beetle was resting on the bench within the compound.

There have been comments in the past that cutting the compound is harsh and unnatural. However, years of practice have taught us that the compound needs management to provide a good home for the Tansy Beetles for whom it is an important habitat. Without management the tansy plants would be smothered by competing vegetation in the enriched soil and be lost.

The next work party is on Sunday March 17th from 10:30 when we will be tackling the blackthorn suckers and the fallen chestnut branch in the middle of the main meadow along the Ings Dyke.  Hopefully there will be more to report on the planning applications and the proposed mitigation. Don’t forget to submit your own comments:

Cornfield closing 27th Feb 2019

Main application currently closing 8th March 2019



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