Rawcliffe Meadows Work Party 7th June 6:30 pm onward at Pond

Just a quick reminder that we hope to be at the main Pond at the south of the site managing the competing vegetation around the Tansy plants there and along the nearby Ings Dyke. If you have any shears they may be helpful  but we’ll have a big bag of them plus the strimmer to make headway (once we’ve checked for Hedgehogs).

No news as yet on the planning application but I believe the EA finally cleared the arisings they created after some ten days after cutting the Barrier Bank meaning that most of the nutrients will have been reabsorbed encouraging broad-leaved weeds. They don’t normally cut the bank as the aftermath grazing leaves a short sward until the July cut, or we manage to graze at Easter (which damp conditions prevented), however they were obviously following their rule book (to the letter) that doesn’t like grass (or herbs) on the banks. This can only be a taste of what we face if they get their way in planning…

Tansy Beetles will be highlighted at the New Networks for Nature Conference in York this autumn https://rawcliffemeadows.files.wordpress.com/2019/05/1bedc-programmeforwebsite14.5.19.pdf

And we’ll also be showing them off at the Insect Festival on 7th July in Museum Gardens, along with the Necklace Ground Beetle https://www.royensoc.co.uk/event/insect-festival-york-2019-0 at which help is always appreciated.


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