Rawcliffe Meadows Work Party Report 6th June 2019

Tansy Beetle

Tansy Beetle

Another lovely evening to be working on the Meadows! This time around the main pond at the south of the site. Some years ago we noticed a tendency for various plants to encroach onto the Tansy clumps and if Cleavers or similar drag them down, or the Yellow Loosestrife just overpowers the Tansy, as has happened on the eastern bank. So we take the action of cutting a clear path around the pond, along with accesses to the clumps and fine tune the cutting around the Tansy. This has been effective in allowing the Tansy to expand and providing access when we need to count the Tansy Beetles.

Rawcliffe Meadows Work Party 6th June 2019

Thanks to Judi, Masha, Neil, Kevin and Evie for their assistance. We forgot to v=check the plants along the Ings Dyke but they don’t tend to get the heavy growth. Next work party 10:30 am onward on Sunday 23rd June at New Meadow (north of site) and nearby performing the same process.


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