Rawcliffe Meadows Work Party Report 11th August 2019

We’d ignored the Bee Bank for a few months but now was time to cut back encroaching vegetation.

Fortunately for Mick the three people who had said they couldn’t make it did and so he wasn’t on his own. Whilst deciding on a plan of action we got a good view of young Roe Deer buck who made his way down the fallow, across the track and into the Reservoir Basin away from us. Our first job was pulling the Field Horsetail growing among the now establishing Sedum of the green roof above the bank, then cutting off the encroaching grasses whilst avoiding any pollinating plants.

In addition holes were drilled in the oak sleeping shoring up the bank to encourage further use of the bank by solitary bees or wasps. Whilst rooting around the sleepers two White Ermine Moth caterpillars were sighted, along with a largish toad. The wire netting installed without our consent by the Environment Agency to keep out Badgers is a nuisance to maintenance and probably to the Hymenoptera we are seeking, we also may have a leak in the liner beneath the bank.

White Ermine moth caterpillar

White Ermine moth caterpillar

Following on from the bank we went over to the New Meadow to clear up some hay and remove encroaching vegetation from the hedge. There are numbers of Tansy Beetles on the New Meadow verge.

Thanks to Judi, Julie and Mark, and Mark T for their efforts and energy.

The next work party is planned for Sunday September 1st when we’ll be again venturing into the Water Vole Scrape to pull out any Reed Mace and cut back half of the Phragmites. Waders or wellies advisable. Shears and glove provided.


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