Friends of Rawcliffe Meadows Activities in 2020

Whilst we await the Environment Agency fulfilling the planning conditions, including the assorted mitigation proposals that we believe should have been a part of the original application a year ago, before they are permitted to start work here’s a brief report of what we’ve done and observed in 2019, along with a reminder of what we’ve achieved since 1990.

For 2020 we’ll carry on working on the areas less likely to be damaged in the future until funding ceases when the EA commence work, and then the EA can take full responsibility for their actions*, so I’m also attaching the suggested work party calendar for the first half of 2020.

Month Sun Thurs Task
January 5   Cut back blackthorn in Reservoir Basin (northern and eastern banks) to create more space and light for expansion of orchids
February 16   Attend to saplings in Cricket Field Copse and tidy any brash. Repair fence and stile.
  23   Coppice blackthorn, willow and hazel near Pond at south of site. Scrub cut pond banks.
Mar 2020 15   Cut off fallen chestnut by Ings Dyke and remove blackthorn suckers
April 2020 19   Clearing around tansy plants – New Meadow and nearby
May 2020   14 Bee bank management
June 2020   4 Clearing around tansy plants – Pond and nearby
  21   Clearing around tansy plants – New Meadow and nearby
July 2020   2 Clearing around tansy plants – Pond and nearby
  26   Clearing around tansy plants – New Meadow and nearby
August 2020   6 Bee bank management
  16   Clearing around tansy plants – Blue Beck and nearby


6   Water Vole Scrape maintenance

Having successfully and voluntarily managed Rawcliffe Meadows for just short of thirty years the Friends of Rawcliffe  Meadows will be no more. When it’s gone, we’re gone!

Here’s a PDF of the calendar for you to keep – FoRM Activities 2020



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