Rawcliffe Meadows Update – May 2020 Number 2

On Friday 22nd May 2020 we received a letter from the Environment Agency informing us that they would be removing hedges and trees on Rawcliffe Meadows from Monday 25th May 2020 onward.

Of course they still have to fulfill the planning conditions required by law before they can start work but yet again are misapplying the Water Resources Act 1991 to gain access and effectively start work.

There is at least one bird’s nest visible among the trees they are set on removing but I’m sure they’ll find someone to say it (or any others) are unoccupied.

So when the chainsaws start buzzing if you are on your permitted exercise, you know what is happening…


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6 Responses to Rawcliffe Meadows Update – May 2020 Number 2

  1. Freya Sierhuis says:

    Is this really going ahead? It seems so utterly absurd! Is there any sense when the work is going to begin?

    • Currently awaiting approval of a number of documents required as a part of planning consent given last year by City of York. Once they are approved by Natural England and City of York Council officers the EA will start building their works compound on the Cornfield.

  2. Freya Sierhuis says:

    Do you think a public protest might still have an effect at this stage? I know many people who would be willing to help.

    • Despite the Cummings effect it may be difficult. I’m locked down still, as will be others. Rachael did suggest it last September. If there had been bigger opposition 18 months/two years ago, who knows? Our arguments were correct but the misinformation and alarmism defeated them.

  3. Suzanne Edwards says:

    It would appear that observers in Rawcliffe witnessed the destruction of the Cornfield already today and a number of trees gone. It doesn’t appear that anyone is waiting for planning permission, unless planners were working bank holiday Monday?!

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