Monitoring of Grassland Creation Plots at Rawcliffe Meadows 2021

As well as restoring the main meadows at Rawcliffe Meadows between 1991 and 2013, Friends of Rawcliffe Meadows (FoRM) attempted to establish species-rich grassland on a number of degraded plots bordering the main meadow. Although FoRM are no longer managing the site, these plots provide valuable evidence of the efficacy of different techniques for grassland creation. The site forms part of Clifton Ings and Rawcliffe Meadows Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), which is designated for its nationally-important floodplain meadow habitat.

We have published the results in the hope of assisting others carrying out similar projects and also to emphasise one of the key learnings is that habitat re-creation is a slow process and progress towards a target community takes decades rather than years.

Any reproduction of this Rawcliffe Meadows grassland creation plots 2021 monitoring or data should be credited to the author (Martin Hammond) and FoRM.


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