Blue Beck Copse


Blue Beck Copse

Blue Beck Copse

To the south and west of the point where the N65 cycle track meets the Allotments track is a small copse which had been planted from around 1993 onward with regular sessions of coppicing to bring a range of heights to the variety trees and shrubs within. With the one-time hedge-come-fence to the north of it (along New Meadow) having been layed in 2013, this has been fenced off inside the New Meadow. Jays have been regular visitors but Sparrowhawk are believed to have nested here in 2012. Two elms were planted within the Copse as a part of the Great British Elm Tree Project, both of which have flourished.

Early in 2015 three specially prepared nest boxes were erected for Willow Tits which had been sighted the previous year, along with some other nest boxes from the Copse which had been cleaned and repaired prior to relocation.

During 2014 and 2015 the hedge between it and New Meadow that had been layed in 2013 was interplanted with additional trees to help restore it.

During the winter of 2017 we started coppicing the hazel again and then early in 2018 we layed the eastern hedge.

Blue Beck Copse Hedge Before Coppicing January 2018

Blue Beck Copse Hedge Before Coppicing January 2018

The Hazel coppicing was continued in early 2019 following control of the Blacthorn suckers on the outside of the layed hedge.



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