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Deep Meadows and Transparent Floods – The Story of the Ouse Ings

There is something almost magical about floodplain meadows, whether it is the evocative bubbling of a Curlew high in the sky and often out of sight, jewels such as York’s own Tansy Beetle, the endangered Necklace Ground-beetle or the stunning … Continue reading


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The Water Beetles of Yorkshire: an atlas

Water beetles are among the most diverse freshwater macro-invertebrates: in still waters, around half the species detected in a typical pond-net sample will be beetles. This makes these insects important to any understanding of wetland biodiversity.The water beetles of Yorkshire: … Continue reading

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Water Vole habitat doubles!

Earlier in the year we reported that Water Voles have colonised one of the Flood Basin ponds. This threatened mammal needs richly-vegetated wetlands, preferably with earth banks in which to burrow. Although there were signs of feeding activity in neighbouring … Continue reading

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What was Rawcliffe Meadows like in Previous Centuries?

Read this new piece from our ecologist Martin Hammond revealed by his researches for a new, glossy edition of the Ouse Ings booklet and book which we hope to publish in the not too distant future – https://rawcliffemeadows.wordpress.com/about-the-site/rawcliffe-meadows-in-history/ or look … Continue reading

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