Transferring Tansy from the Homestead to Rawcliffe Meadows

Got an email this week from Dan Calvert at City of York Council to say that he’d been contacted by Bob Williams of the Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust with the offer of five clumps of tansy. We agreed to pick them up on the 4th October as we were moving potted plants from Brunswick Organic Nursery (BON) that day anyway. So at 12:00 on the 4th October I arrive at the Homestead to find rather more than five clumps, in fact around 17 big clumps, luckily they are all believed to be of local wild provenance.

I somehow squeezed them all into the back of my car, already with seats down to fit in the hundreds of plants from BON took them back up to the New Meadow, where they were to be planted on the southern edge, which will be fenced off in due course.

Thanks to JRHT, CoYC for considering us. They will be part of a new tansy beetle habitat in Summer 2014.

Tansy from the Homestead

Tansy from the Homestead


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